In the series movere, movement is the central theme. Most photographs seize the moment, the photographer looking for the one-time picture. In movere time flows. It is not only one moment, but sometimes even more than a minute, or a combination of scattered moments, packed in one picture. What I want to show is not the frozen now, I want to suggest movement, flow, length in space and time. Here you will find information about the works I made in this series until now. (Click the thumbnails for a larger image.) The text to the left of the images answers your “when” and “how” questions. The “why” of this series was my motivation to connect photography, time and movement. The urge to explore the boundaries between the neverending motion that characterizes the world surrounding us and the forever static character of the photograph.

Every image in the series movere is a 1/1: of each image, there is only one print for sale - hence: every one an original. The size of the images is 76x43 cm. The print is mounted between acrylic glass and dibond, with a profile at the back that makes the work float some two cm in front of the wall.

All photographs here are for sale, except of course when sold already, in which case that is mentioned in the description. Interested? You can buy them at Etsy.For more information, you can contact me at

movere 1 Movere 1. Early in the evening of a day in September. Maartensdijk. The sun low, the colours warm, de movements vivacious. Like you notice from the corner of your eye when you think you're looking straight ahead.

movere 2 Movere 2 is a montage. De photo's were taken in Utrecht, late in a July afternoon. The resulting image is filled with impressions of the city. People walking traffic signs, cars, houses, the road. Elements that do not strive for attention, but fade in to one another.

movere 3 Movere 3. An August evening in St. Petersburg. The sun colours the city orange. A swiftly changing city, new impressions yet familiar. Could this be Paris? Didn't try that yet.

movere 4 Movere 4. An April morning. Groenekan. Early morning light, chilly, the trees still bare, the leaves waiting for the sun.

movere 5 Movere 5. An early morning in May, on Terschelling, walking in a pine forest. The blue sky, just visible between the treetops emphasizes the cold air. Yet the forrest feels like a warm blanket.

movere 6 Movere 6. Where the Esterel mountains meet the Mediterranean Sea, in Le Dramont. Nine-thirty in the morning, early July. The grass still green, the dark stems of the shrub, the red rocks.

movere 7 Movere 7. The North Sea, more than hundred miles kilometers west of Denmark. The movement not obvious, this picture owes its character to the combination of more than twenty pictures combined. The eternal sea, eternal unrest. In spite of that - or because of that? - also a source of rest and inspiration. Sold.

movere 8 Movere 8. Februari, Maartensdijk. Sunset on a gray, cloudy day. Kind of depressed - or is the fragile light foretelling spring?

movere 9 Movere 9. Walking in Utrecht, heading for the Dom. March, late afternoon. The eastside houses catch some sunlight.

movere 10 Movere 10. Tree allround. Moving alongside the tree, while keeping the camer pointed at the tree gives the tree a central place in an unforeseen way. Sold.

movere 11 Movere 11. An early morning in May, dunescape, Terschelling. Sold.

movere 12 Movere 12. Maartensdijk, a montage. An early morning in April. Spring, a vibrant green haze, with a branch here, some leaves there, grass along the path.